Ericol Jewelry specializes in solid stainless steel jewelry which is sturdy and weighty. You will always know it's there as you go through your day. Check out our stainless steel rings for men and stainless steel cross necklace. Enjoy shopping with us and feel free to text or call us at (403) 815-7530.

About Us

We are a family owned and operated Catholic jewelry shop based in Calgary, Canada. Our ethical trade team audits all of our suppliers to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, and our customer service team makes sure that we achieve and maintain this standard.

Your quest for exclusive Catholic jewelry ends with Ericol Jewelry, a family-owned enterprise in Calgary, Canada. It is our honor to create an exclusive online platform for Catholic-themed authentic jewelry items for people like you. Our shop comprises the highest-quality stainless steel rings for men and necklaces of this theme. Our most popular necklaces include the Jesus Cross Necklace and Crucifix Pendant Necklace.

Our team comprises genuine men’s jewelry manufacturers creating the best masterpieces in this category. We have handpicked the top manufacturers that care about quality and spirituality. Our prime aim is to construct a domain that men can trust to find and own a stainless steel cross necklace and rings for every day.

We focus on using the highest-grade stainless steel for manufacturing authentic Catholic jewelry items. We also maintain the industry protocols to achieve the highest standard and gain our customer’s trust. Over the years, we have become a popular name for such items. We have a diverse customer base spread across the USA, Canada, and other countries.

Check our reviews on Etsy and you will understand how much love our customers have shown for our dedication. Our stainless steel rings for men have become a part and parcel of their lives. All our items can be worn in any condition without any fear of tarnishing.

We also conduct regular audits to ensure that all our manufacturers are maintaining the standard protocols and providing the best quality stainless steel cross necklace and rings for our customers.

Dive in to find the top-notch necklace and rings made of highest-grade stainless steel to make your own collection without spending a fortune. Adorn our remarkable stainless steel jewelry for men and show your spiritual side. Let our Catholic necklace and rings be a part of your daily attire to reflect your taste in fashion and spirituality!

Our Etsy Rating

Feel free to browse through our Etsy reviews where our stainless steel rings for men and stainless steel cross necklace have achieved best seller status.