3 Things You Need To Know About Gold-Plated Rings

The great thing about gold-plated jewelry is that it can be bought within a friendly budget. If you’re a fan of gold but don’t have a high budget for it, you can always choose to buy gold plated jewelry. It gives you the style and looks of real good jewelry. You can easily use it for daily wear and not restrict wearing it for special occasions.

Gold plated rings are equally beautiful and come in a variety of quality levels that usually depends on the thickness and purity of the gold coating. The base metal used for gold plating takes unique craftsmanship that makes you unable to differentiate it between real gold rings. 
Any piece of jewelry that isn’t taken proper care of eventually tarnishes or gets scratched, be it real gold or gold-plated.

Here are 3 things you need to know about gold-plated rings

  1. The kinds of metals that can be gold plated

If you’re looking for gold plated rings, you can use metals such as brass, stainless steel, copper, or nickel. Even materials that are generally used for industries such as Titanium are also frequently gold-plated. The most common gold-plated metals you will find are copper and silver.


  1. The real gold in gold-plating

The process of gold plating does require the use of real gold, but the amount is less; hence, it doesn’t hold the same value as of real gold. There are different ranges of purity of actual gold in gold plated rings, such as 10k, and the highest is 24k gold-plating. If you want to differentiate between the two, you can notice a change in color that is produced. If your gold plated rings have a high % of gold, the color of your ring will resemble better with real gold.


  1. The value of gold-plated jewelry

The gold plating on gold plated rings are very thin, and it can be very hard to recover any real gold from it. Many jewelers or miners refuse to attempt extracting gold from the plated jewelry as it will require the use of resources, and the outcome is not profitable or worth the hassle.


Plated rings are the best choice if you want rings that resemble real gold, but you can buy them in affordable pricing. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that gold-plated jewelry has no resale value in case you want to buy gold plated rings as an investment. The karat of the gold-plated jewelry may be higher due to the % of real gold used, but it still doesn’t hold much value.

Plated rings look beautiful, and you can buy by choosing from a variety of gold plated rings available at Ericol jewelry. You can even get gold plated rings made customized as per your personal preferences and sizing.

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