5 Reasons You Should Buy Fashion Jewellery

Many people assume that fashion jewellery is for those who cannot afford fine jewellery. However, lots of celebrities such as movie actors, singers, stylists, socialites, and fashionistas not only wear fine jewellery but also wear fashion jewellery. Here are the 5 reasons why they are doing it, and why you need to as well! 

1. Name Brand Fashion Jewellery Can Go Up in Value

One of the most important reasons why you need to get fashion jewellery is that when it's created by bigger designer brands like Chanel, Dior, Joe Louis Vuitton, and others, it tends to go up in value since it becomes "vintage" with time. Like fine jewellery, costume jewellery from such big brands increases in worth over time. Plus, it's usually designed very well. If one wanted the vintage look now without the wait, online fashion accessories stores can sometimes carry jewellery which is just as beautiful like vintage looking earrings, bracelets, necklaces and more.

2. It Can Look Like Fine Jewellery

Many well-designed jewellery items do look real. Sometimes, they give the impression of being of even higher quality than genuine pieces! Make sure to not get something that is too shiny or flashy. There is a kind of "fake shine" to certain fashion jewellery, and that would not look good at all. Subdued shiny will work well. Try and stick with items comprising of metal. No plastic, please! Items with massive polished stones work well. Whenever possible, try to combine your costume items with some real ones. For instance, a genuine gold pendant can go with costume gold earrings. Once it's all mixed in, nobody can tell the difference!

3. It's More Affordable and Can Be Conveniently Bought Online

This is the main advantage when it comes to this kind of jewellery. You just pay a fraction of the price you might otherwise pay if it was genuine. It is less costly for you and it makes it easier for you to accumulate different jewellery pieces and have a variety to pick from whenever you want to quickly put something together. 

It can be also more easily purchased online since it’s inexpensive and you don’t necessarily need to closely examine it in person. For example, if you were to buy gold plated bracelets online you might pay less than $30. Bracelets made of gold, on the other hand, might cost 10 times that amount and you might be a bit reluctant to buy something that expensive without seeing it in person. The convenience of online shopping has compelled some to even buy their engagement rings online.

4. Sometimes it’s Simply a Better Match for your Outfits

Fashion jewellery can sometimes look more beautiful with certain outfits than real jewellery can! This is often the case if the piece was created by fashion brand names like Chanel. A lot of their costume items go rather well with their outfits, and complement different outfits very well too! With fashion, you don't necessarily need to wear what is real but rather what makes you look good. 

5. You Cry Less if it Breaks.

Ultimately, if something happens to the piece, you will not feel as sad as you would if it were made from real gold and jewels. Also, many times, it can be fixed if it breaks. If a stone falls off or comes loose, a bit of glue can fix the piece. Attempt doing that with real jewellery! 

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