8 Reasons To Surprise Your Loved Ones with Silver Amethyst Rings

One of the most popular symbolic stones that are associated with feelings of love in both ancient and modern times is the Amethyst stone. It is the birthstone of people born in February and is known for spirituality, love and supernatural protection.

The purple color of the gem represents the purity of spirit in Christianity; the purplish and reddish hues define the purifying effects of suffering. Amethyst stones were used to heal wounds and also signified the vision of love.

Benefits of wearing amethyst gemstone

You can find silver amethyst rings on the Ericol jewelry store online. There are many benefits of wearing amethyst gemstones that you might be unaware of, here are some of them:

  1. Helps you gain clarity: It has been noted that people who regularly wear amethyst stones find more clarity in their thoughts, and this improves their decision-making skills.
  1. Strong Healing powers: Many gemstones have various healing powers. You can gift a loved one a silver Amethyst ring to help strengthen their healing powers.
  1. Activates spiritual awareness: Once you start wearing an amethyst stone, you will find yourself spiritually strong and sensitive as this stone activates your spiritual awareness.
  1. Nature’s Tranquilizer: The amethyst stone has a uniquely calming and soothing quality. It helps you feel calm. It is also beneficial for people who suffer from obsessive-compulsive disorder and soothe the hyper-activeness of children and adults.
  1. It helps insomnia: The use of amethyst gemstones also claims to help in reducing insomnia. If you put the stone under your pillow while sleeping or massage the stone on your forehead, it will gradually eliminate insomnia and help you sleep better.
  1. Helps fight homesickness: If your loved ones are moving away, you can gift them a silver amethyst ring from Ericol jewelry. This will help them combat homesickness.
  1. Protects from evil energies: The stone holds powers to protect you or your loved one from the negativity of the universe. It transforms negative energy into loving and positive energy. The world is full of negative energies that can have an impact on your physical or mental health. A silver amethyst ring will help you stay protected.
  1. Lessens addictions: If a loved one is an addict or over-indulges in things like alcohol, drugs and substance abuse, or even a simple person who likes to splurge, you can gift them silver amethyst rings, which will help them curb their addiction and help them indulge less. The amethyst stone rings are an amazing tool to help you or your loved one to quit smoking, drinking and abusing drugs.

The amethyst gemstone has amazing and unique qualities that your loved ones can benefit from. You can find original silver amethyst rings at Ericol jewelry. It is an excellent gift for someone whose birthday comes in February, or if you want to give something special on Valentine’s day, this is the best gift option for you.


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