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Are You Making These Mistakes While Wearing Gold-Filled Necklaces?

Women love jewelry – they feel it enhances their personalities. The most common kinds of jewelry are gold, silver, or platinum. May women choose to wear gold filled necklaces, which consists of at least 5% of a solid layer of gold? 

There are many advantages of choosing gold filled necklaces, but here are three mistakes you probably didn’t know you were making while wearing gold.

  1. Not cleaning your jewelry

Many people don’t realize that it is important to clean their jewelry regularly. Over time there is a build-up of grime and tarnish. Usually, gold-filled necklaces are worn against skin and clothing for extended periods which of course requires it to be cleaned from time to time.

  1. Wearing the same jewelry every day

People have the habit of wearing the same gold filled necklaces every day, and the majority of people don’t even take it off. Your jewelry can get grimy in places that might not be visible to you. The regular use of gold jewelry can cause infections in your skin if you don’t clean or change it regularly. The jewelry stays on your body throughout all your chores and activities, which is not healthy for your skin.

You should take off your everyday worn jewelry regularly to thoroughly clean it with some warm soapy water and a soft-bristled brush. You should clean your jewelry at least once every two weeks.

Wearing the same jewelry every day can become boring, and it may become something significant about you. Gold-filled necklaces can be replaced with other chains or necklaces, and you should alternatively switch wearing your jewelry pieces. This will help your jewelry to remain clean and give you options to wear. If you don’t own a variety of jewelry, you can always buy more or drop hints to your loved ones. Jewelry defines your personality; you don’t have to necessarily change or stop wearing your gold-filled necklaces altogether.

  1. Jewelry should be kept carefully

One of the most common things people are unaware of is that jewelry should not be kept in a place with humidity. You should keep your gold filled necklaces away from free-flowing air as this will cause it to get dusty and grimy. Many metals are known to tarnish faster if they are kept in the open air.

After you take off your gold filled necklaces, make sure you don’t place them with other jewelry pieces that can get jumbled up with it. When jewelry pieces are rubbed against each other, they tend to get damaged. It would help if you were careful with gold jewelry that it does not get any scuffs or scratches.

It is recommended the jewelry should be kept in dedicated jewelry boxes or rolls, or each piece is kept individually. This will let your gold filled necklaces to get less exposure to open air and humidity. Your storage can also help you in preventing scratches and tangling of your jewelry pieces.

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