Diamond Engagement Rings Vs Gemstone Engagement Rings

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Are you considering buying an engagement ring? Diamonds rings have come to be associated with major events in our lives such as engagements and weddings but gemstone rings are also now being purchased for such occasions. Some celebrities and even royalty take them into consideration when choosing their engagement rings. Below are some factors to consider when deciding.

 Diamond Ring Advantages

  1. They are shiny and scarce. It is their scarcity that makes them more associated with prestige and luxury.
  2. They are very hard and can endure an entire lifetime of everyday use.
  3. Because they are colorless, diamond rings can match any outfit and skin tone.

 Diamond Ring Disadvantages

  1. They are more pricey than other kinds of gemstones. The bigger they are, the more costly they are.
  2. Diamond rings might be considered too conventional by some brides. Gemstone rings can be more personalized and can have a more unusual and original design.

 Gemstone Ring Advantages

  1. They come in a wider range of colors and stand out more than diamond rings. Adding a gemstone to 925 sterling silver jewelry rings produces some eye-catching and stunning sterling and gemstone jewelry.
  2. Since they are not as conventional as diamond rings, they are more trendy and popular with some celebrities and fashionistas.
  3. Even though some gemstone rings are not suitable for everyday wear, there are some such as sapphires and rubies last for a very long time.
  4. Gemstone rings are more affordable than diamond ones. A bride can buy a bigger engagement ring with bigger gemstones. 

Gemstone Ring Disadvantages

  1. Some gemstones are not strong enough to be used on engagement rings. They cannot be worn while performing everyday tasks such as cleaning or if they are exposed to heat. Rubies, Sapphires and Topaz are more appropriate.
  2. Emeralds, Tanzanites, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Tourmaline and Quartz would work even though they are not the most appropriate. They would need to be looked after very carefully.
  3. Amber, Opal, Pearls, Turquoise and Garnet are not good for engagement rings at all and therefore one should not use them. They are not hard enough and in some cases are easily tarnished in water.

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