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Fashion Jewelry - Recent Trends

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Jewelry has been around about as long as humans have been around, as women have used it for attraction purposes since the cave dwelling days. Look at history - at the Egyptians with all that gold! While there are ebbing and flowing fashion trends in jewelry, just like there are with clothes and shoes and even handbags, there are also classic styles that are good choices any time of the year for any occasion. Fashion trends in jewelry make things fun, as they are often about making a statement and being noticed.

Cheap Jewelry 

As many have learned over the years, jewelry that looks great and catches attention does not have to consist of expensive gemstones or precious metals. There are many inexpensive pieces of fashion jewelry that are well worth having in the jewelry box for accessorizing anytime. Cheap rings and cheap necklaces are now very common. Fashion jewelry used to be thought of as cheap, both in price and in appearance. In recent years, though, quality inexpensive fashion jewelry has made quite a name for itself for being affordable while looking expensive. If someone wonders if a piece is 'real', that's success right there. Cheap earrings and bracelets are also now a common trend.

Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry pieces are those that produce a big bang for a not so big buck. Readily available from the stores to home jewelry parties, statement pieces are about just that, making a statement. Jewelry pieces that make up statement jewelry are things like chunky bangle bracelets in bold colors that make great noise, flashy dangly earrings or necklaces with big pendants or stones at the center like a tinkerbell necklace or Thor's hammer necklace. These types of statement jewelry should be worn alone, as they make a big statement and adding to that is often overdoing the effect.

Colorful, Bright Jewelry

Vibrant, sparkling colors are a very popular trend in fashion jewelry. From bright and bold reds to deep and rich oranges, warm colors are a seasonal favorite that has taken a trend to being popular all year around. Stretch bead bracelets with very colorful shiny beads are a good example. Pairings have changed and evolved so that sparkly and dangley earrings look fantastic with classy jeans and clogs instead of being saved only for those dressing up days. Dressing up jewelry has evolved as well, from quiet classics to bold and beautiful statements no matter the occasion. Jewelry is a great and affordable way to jazz up an outfit without having to go clothes shopping and spend hours trying on things just to decide on nothing. Examples are the Pandora Swarovski bracelet and Pandora promise rings.

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