How to Rock Your Sparkly Jewelry during the Day

Can I rock my sparkly jewelry during the day? Of course.

Undoubtedly, your biggest sparklers can emerge and play during the day. Traditionally, overtly radiant jewels solely belonged with after-hours dressing. However, today, mixing dressy accessories into your 9-5 outfit not just looks totally acceptable, but modern as well. In fact, the bold jewels of this season look especially fresh with the modest of wardrobe stables. This is exactly where the beauty of an attractive piece of jewelry lies: it contributes to elegance anytime you wear it, not just at night. If you aren’t sure where to start, trying these brilliant ideas will do no harm.

Radiant earrings

The appropriateness of a cocktail ring during daytime can never be doubted. While you may find it difficult to pull off huge chandelier earrings before sunset, stud earrings and delicate drop look fine during daylight. Both will be a flattering addition near your eyes. If a DIY project interests you, use sparkly art deco style brooches to dress up a wide stretchy black belt. Reverse the belt so the clasp is in the back and the front is flat. Wear the belt at your natural waistline over a dress or with a skirt after pinning a handful of brooches to the middle section.

Adorn the wrists

A large number of stylish celebrities rock heavily adorned wrists. Stacking bracelets is an eye-catching style trick that rarely fails to look cool. There isn’t any reason why a few sparky baubles may be thrown in the mix. While they look great on their own, adding them to your watch wrist during the daytime will do wonders. A mix of bracelets and bangles in various tones and textures also reduces the potential for formality.

The choker

The choker is probably the hottest necklace shape this season, with its shorter length working well with a variety of top options. For a bit more preppy-chic look, start with a front button shirt as a base, subsequently throwing in a crew neck sweater on top, and layering the necklace over the slightly open-collared shirt to ensure that it rests well on the knit top. Yep, on the top, this is key. The necklace offers an element of surprise that loosens the prim layers up. While solid tones are okay, nobody should look stick with them. Experiment with pattern and colors. I’ve personally seen the trio of leopard print sweater, peach shirt, and a choker, it was absolutely stellar.

Another way to go is by wearing a casual chambray shirt along with a necklace. This works relatively on everyone. You can either wear the necklace on top of the shirt with every button done up or inside the open collar for a hint of sparkle peeking out. Don’t forget to roll your sleeves to elbow height, so you don’t miss that effortlessly relaxed effect.

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