Jewelry Bloggers Who Helped To Get Unique and Affordable Fashion Jewelry

Affordable Fashion JewelryEvery modern individual knows that it is extremely difficult to create an ideal clothing ensemble without putting on wonderful and affordable fashion jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, and all other jewelry items add glamour and sparkle to the personality. It has the power to demonstrate your singular persona and style.

Gone are the days when you were forced to book a quick flight to New York Fashion Week or Paris in order to explore the latest fashion developments. You must be thankful to the World Wide Web as well as those amazing bloggers who constantly share the hottest fashion trends.

These stupendous affordable jewelry websites bring a great deal of jewelry inspiration and valuable fashion insights right under your fingertips. This post aims to shed light upon those people who are doing such an extraordinary job.


This remarkable blog is operated by Liza Urla, who is a professional gemologist and a seasoned jewelry blogger. Her blog’s simply brilliant, and not merely due to its ultra cool title. Each of the sparkly jewelry posts at Gemologue is professionally drafted and presented in various languages, including Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian and English. Liza travels all over the globe in an effort to document all of her findings related to jewelry. She also interviews elite, a-list fashion models, designers and celebrities.  

Gem Gossip

Gem Gossip is another blog that is worth mentioning. It is created and operated by Danielle Miele, who documents multicultural jewelry that she comes across during her global expeditions. There is a wide assortment of topics that are covered on her blog, including newest jewelry trends, celebrity jewelry, antique jewelry and detailed interviews of designers. After going through her blog it is not difficult to figure out that she is passionate about rings. All in all, Gem Gossip is an outstanding platform from where you can get cheap jewelry ideas and inspiration online in Canada.   

Jewels Du Jour

At this superlative blog, Natalie highlights an extensive range of jewelry related topics. By visiting her information-rich blog, you can educate yourself about jewelry auctions, jewelry books, designers, hottest trends, antique jewelry, jewelry shows, and so much more. One of the best features of this particular blog is that it is super organized and comprises dozens of interesting jewelry related reads.

The Jewelry Loupe

Cathleen McCarthy is a former editor for numerous high-profile mainstream magazines. She has tons of knowledge in the arena of art and jewelry, which is clearly reflected in her marvelous blog. She primarily writes about contemporary and traditional jewelry pieces, expert tips, men’s jewelry advice, jewelry auctions and so forth. Cathleen’s blog is perfect for all jewelry experts, designers and lovers.

Gem Obsessed

Are you scouting the best online jewelry in Canada? You must take a look at Gem Obsessed. As its name suggests, this blog is all about showcasing up-to-the-minute jewelry styles. Curator and Editor of this blog is Cheryl Kremkow who covers and writes about virtually everything under the sun that is relevant to gems and jewelry items.

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