Putting Your Own Gemstone Ring Together

Sarah Moore 
Renowned fashion stylist with a flair for affordable fashion jewelry and unique style.

The most basic thing about looking good is to understand what suits you. The biggest fashion mistake we can ever make is blindly following latest trends without caring if they suit us. This is true for clothes as well as jewelry. So instead of simply wearing what others are, it is always better to create a style of your own that is in sync with your looks as well as personality.

If you know what clothes agree with you, make sure everything else is also in sync like jewelry, make up and accessories. At times you may get stuck and not be able to find that perfect jewelry that adds just the right amount of style and this is when you should put in your energies and consider creating something of your own that reflects your taste and persona. Do it if you want to be admired for your sense of style and of course the jewelry you wear.

Sterling Silver 925 Opal Ring with Bezel Setting Stone

Rings of all kinds are a very good way of drawing attention and adding to your beauty. Just imagine how stunning a solid colored outfit will seem if you wear a prominent sized and beautiful looking Sterling Silver Ring with Bezel Setting Stone. 

 It is all you will ever need to look absolutely gorgeous. In case you still are looking around for one that is perfect all you need to do is embark on making one for yourself.

Amethyst is a very striking gemstone and the distinct purple color of it looks amazing in rings of all kinds. Think of what you would like, whether a conspicuous attention grabbing piece for a special occasion or a pretty but chic everyday one to add a sprinkle of color to your clothes. Always pick the stones accordingly. Whether a solitaire stone or a cluster of them in various shapes; you can create magic in your ring with the lovely amethysts.

Understand the quality of the stones you choose and don't ignore their color, clarity and cut. Do a little homework so that you make the best selection. You must figure out at this stage whether you would like other colored gemstones to be part of your ring along with the amethysts so that stone selection can be done at one go. 

After you have selected your stones, look for a setting that looks best with them. From a solid metal look to a detailed one, they come in a wide variety. Always ensure they are strong enough and hold the stones well. 

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Ring With High Quality Oval Topaz Gemstone

After you've been through these steps, all you need to do is take your stone and setting to a jeweler who will complete it for you. Once complete you can enjoy a feeling of satisfaction as well as pride each time you look at your adorable ring.

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