Shower Your Blessings on an Infant with a Saint Christopher Pendant

Are you attending a baby shower anytime soon? Most guests would probably bring the usual baby items; such as diapers, carriers, strollers, and small toys. Do you want to gift the new parents something more unique? A Saint Christopher pendant would definitely be appreciated not just by mom and dad, but also by the child as he or she grows older!

You may ask yourself: How can the patron saint of travelers protect an infant? There's actually more to the story. Did you know that Saint Christopher was the very man who carried the infant Christ across a raging river? In fact, the name Christopher means "Christ-bearer" in Greek.

A Saint Christopher pendant can protect a young child as they travel, whether to nearby places or across entire continents. In addition, the saint is said to protect people from floods, storms and lightning, pestilence, and epilepsy. Children can wear the medal to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.

These medals often show the saint as a large man holding a staff and carrying a child over his shoulder. There may also be inscriptions such as "St. Christopher Protect Us" in English and "Regarde St Christophe et va-t-en rassuré" in French. Spanish pendants will say, "Si en San Cristóbalconfías, de accidente no morirás," which means that trusting in Saint Christopher will protect the wearer from dying in accidents.

Buying a Saint Christopher pendant

It's no secret that the Saint Christopher medal is a top choice for children and adults alike. But if you'd like to purchase one for an infant, consider the following tips:

  • Buy the pendant from a reputable seller with experience in crafting Catholic jewelry, including necklaces, rings, and medals.
  • Look for pendants made of 316L stainless steel to prevent them from corroding when exposed to air and water.
  • Choose stores that offer quick delivery to receive the pendant in time.
  • Read reviews and make sure to observe photos of the charm to ensure its quality.



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