The Appeal of the Vikings and Their Jewelry

There is something so appealing about Viking Jewelry. The interconnectivity with the past as we touch and hold something that represents an ancient civilization. The craftsmanship and the fascination with artisans’ handiwork. The uniqueness of the time stamp, appealing to our intelligence in satisfaction when we recognize the easily-identifiable style. And the harkening back to the particular culture itself.

Mjolnir Pendants, Mjolnir Necklaces, Silver Mjolnir Necklaces, what look like Stainless Steel Thor's Hammer Pendant, Scandinavian Axe Head pieces...excitedly all found in Viking Jewelry hoards recently in Germany, Denmark, and England. Seeing photos and images of such treasure, we easily recognize it as “Viking.“ We long to pick it up, to hold even wear it. That’s the limitation of seeing these items online or even in real time at a museum.

Thankfully we have skilled artists that echo the above craftsmanship and artistry of the ancient Vikings. The Vikings did what they could with the tools they had, but oh what our artisans today do with the tools they have! The depth in the simplicity of design of Ancient Vikings now comes together with the exactness of cut and a mastery of the art.

Thinking of “Vikings,” graphic pillaging comes to mind. But we should also be reminded of incredible, stunning architecture somehow made with very simple materials and crude tools. We envision surfaces embellished with the motifs of flowing lines and 3-D wood carvings and lovely interconnected infinities, crosses, etc. We think of superior craftsmanship in boat technology, enough to carry men in tiny, open crafts across raging seas to rage on land...enough to cause even the Roman Empire to pay Vikings off to minimize Viking damage. Fierce men of grit, yes, but also of textiles and durable-yet-beautiful tapestries, pottery, and wood carvings with gorgeous designs. And we feel literally fortunate to be able to wear pieces that pay tribute to these ferocious yet ornamental people. But we feel blessed here that we don’t have to pay a fortune to do so.

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