What Types of Gemstone Jewelry Match Your Personality?

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There are many types of gemstone jewelry. You will be surprised at the variety of colors and textures that offer almost everyone the right piece of affordable fashion jewelry that will match their taste and personality.

Did you know that each beautiful gemstone has a meaning behind its color? It is easy to pick out that perfect piece of jewelry to match your personality when you know the history and the purpose of the gemstone you are purchasing.

Let's find out the meaning behind the color of our favorite pieces of gemstone jewelry;

  • Turquoise Jewelry increases open communication and clarity of thought. Turquoise is believed to heal emotions, calm the soul and create stability. This soothing aqua color is known to induce relaxation at times of stress.

  • Hematite Jewelry is a spiritual gemstone. It is believed to increase logical thinking, self-esteem, and clarity of mind.

  • Amethyst Jewelry is a very calming, soothing and relaxing crystal. It is thought to enhance intuition, aid meditation and exudes a gentle sedative type of energy.

  • Jasper Jewelry is known as the nurturing stone. This red colored gemstone jewelry is considered to have protective properties, and Native Americans once used it in ritual rainmaking.

  • Malachite Jewelry is a remarkable gemstone. It is prized for transformation and love. It was once given as a gift to increase the recipient's good fortune.

  • Rose Quartz Jewelry is believed to be the Lovestone. It opens the heart chakra and encourages unconditional love. According to legend, it was used as a love spell stone in ancient times.

  • Blue Lace Agate Jewelry is a lovely type of gemstone jewelry that is considered to engender grace and tranquility. This pale blue stone is also known to increase inspiration and mental clarity.

  • Sugilite Jewelry is a purple crystal believed to be the healer's stone. It increases healing and has been thought to reduce or cure headaches when worn.

  • Tigers Eye Jewelry is a very unique piece of jewelry that is thought to increase harmony and aid in the release of tension and anxiety. This pretty gemstone comes in a light shade of yellow with bands of golden shades striped through it making it similar to a Tiger's Eye.

As you can see, each piece of gemstone jewelry offers a purpose and meaning that is more than just fashion. When you wear these natural elements, you will do your part in helping keep harmony and balance in your life. You will also release positive energy that will affect everyone you come in contact with. It is safe to say that you should have a real love affair with gemstone jewelry. Hope you enjoyed our article about gemstone jewelry. 

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