What you need to know about shopping for jewelry online

Jewelry shopping is close to every woman’s heart. All of us want the best quality, fashionable accessories whether it is about flaunting our favorite pieces on special occasions or for daily casual wear. Many women feel that the quality of the jewelry can be compromised if they shop online. If you’re based in Canada, Ericol Jewelry is the best online jewelry store for you. It is reliable and guarantees the quality of the jewelry along with reasonable pricing.

You can find a variety of jewelry to choose from. Once you select the design that you wish to purchase, here are 4 important things you need to assess a product through its description.

Note the specifications of the product

You may fall in love at first sight with a product, and you would be willing to pay any cost for it, but you must note the specifications of the product, such as metal weight, metal type, and dimensions.

  1. Metal Purity: While buying any jewelry item, check its description for the purity of the metal. This holds a significant role in the pricing. Items with more % of pure metal cost more in comparison to items that have a lesser percentage of metal present.
  1. Metal Type: You can find jewelry made of Gold, Platinum, or Silver but also jewelry that is Gold or silver-plated, which costs a bit less. Ericol has the best online jewelry in Canada; they have products with different metals and plating. For example, the metal could be of brass with a plating of Rhodium on it.  
  1. Stone Details: If you plan to buy a jewelry product that has stones embellished in it, you need to make sure that you know the color, weight, and number of stones present. If you’re planning to get a jewelry item with diamonds, make sure you know what quality of diamonds is being used. The high quality of diamond can give you a higher return if you ever plan to sell it.
  1. Dimensions: When you’re browsing jewelry online, the image of the product will show you how the product looks like. But at the same time, you need to make sure that you don’t set your expectations high. Ericol is the best online jewelry store that provides you correct size and dimension guidance. This will help you in knowing what you will receive. You can find accurate height and width of products, and if you’re still confused, you can compare the dimensions with rings that you already have.

It is advisable that you know your particular ring or wrist size; this will help you select the correct format while ordering online. Some online stores, such as Ericol, tells you the dimensions of the rings, for example, 1.1cm.

If you’re looking for quality jewelry products, Ericol gives you the best online jewelry store services in Canada. They use the best quality of metals and plating to leave you satisfied.


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