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Black Friday - 30% Off & Free Shipping in US
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Gold Filled Necklaces

Discover Ericol’s unique collection of gold filled jewelry. We have the finest designs for gold filled necklaces, chains, earrings, and bracelets for you to choose from.

Thoughtfully crafted gold filled jewelry designs by Ericol

The jewelry designs at Ericol are new-age symmetries blended seamlessly with past era glories. Our gold-filled pieces prevail a unique design philosophy that is the characteristic of many leading, expensive gold jewelry brands. The sheer flexibility of these pieces makes them perfect for every glamorous occasion with any type of outfit.

Our designs largely differentiate themselves from the typically prevailing fusion fashion trends. With our ever unique and contemporary styles, we create a distinct breed of jewelry fashion for you. At Ericol, our gold filled necklace, rings, and bracelets can last you a lifetime. We spent time and effort picking the absolute best for our fashionable tribe.

Evolution of gold-filled timelessness and affordability

Ericol Jewelry promises to bring you the highest quality 18k gold-filled jewelry. The one thing that could make our collection better is solid gold, but when forming Ericol Jewelry, we wanted ourselves to be wide-ranging and affordable for all. This is how we came on terms with our craftsmen and suppliers from all around the world on gold filled jewelry. At Ericol, our gold filled jewelry items have that luxurious finish at the most affordable prices that we are 100 percent ready to back for our vast clientele.

Our fashion jewelry mission is to make it easy for everyone to wear their personal style and unique fashion. Every day we strive to make shopping everybody’s right and not a luxury. And so, we make every effort to bring you the best affordable gold filled jewelry and deliver it to you all around the globe.